Negative Ion Bracelet Reviews

Ions are present in the environment all the time. They are in every little thing in the world, from the dust to the big trucks raging through the roads. A lot of people don’t understand them but ions are actually quite important in the health of the human body. Let us first find out what the deal is with ions.

Positive Ions

Positive ions are present in most electronic devices, in the pollutants and contaminants of the air, and in processed air and water. These ions which are positively charged bring about a particular imbalanced effect on the environment because of the undesirable carriers which bring them in contact with the human body. These positive ions are considered as free radicals which can create problems in the body as excessive positively charged substances become present in the human body system.

Negative Ions

Everything that goes through a process becomes stripped from negative ions, as only positive ions are left. These negative ions then become scarce and they are limited. In order to keep the balance, a drastic need for negative ions arises, and this is why a lot of people take advantage of this and manufacture negative ion products such as bracelets.

Negative Ion Bracelets: Placebo or Proven?

The popularity of many alternative healing products is raging in the market. A lot of alternative medicine manufacturers are using this era of acceptance to get good profit from the products that they can conjure. As for negative ion bracelets, the concept of the production of such a device is to restore the balance in the body by providing negative ions for the positive ions to “bond” to. The science behind this concept is rather confusing and unproven. However, there is a simple explanation that can make everything easier to understand.

How Negative Ions Work

Positive ions float freely in the air, in everything that we come in contact with. They are present in food, electronic devices, air pollution, water, and even our household items. The abundance of positive ions produces a massive imbalance in the environment, causing the body to be affected by creating resistance. This resistance then keeps the body from performing optimally.

Negative ions are used to return the balance in the environment. We all know that positive and negative ions, when in contact, tend to bond with each other. When this happens, the bonded molecules become denser than air and they tend to sink. When this happens, the environment becomes purified from the carriers of the positive ions such as radiation, air, and electric current. The carriers are brought down to the ground together with the ions and this allows the environment to become naturally clean and balanced again. This is the explanation that most negative ion bracelet manufacturers say about their products.

Because of the Hype

The popularity of these negative ion bracelets has become like a craze for a designer item or a pagan faith. People have accepted these items and believed in them so much that it comes to the point that they say that everything good to them is caused by the bracelet. It’s really hard to measure the effectiveness of these devices. What people can do now is just believe in them or not, their choice. Many manufacturers of these products also just went with the flow or trend and produced bracelets which have no scientific bearing whatsoever – only design. They just name them as negative ion bracelets when the fact is they are really just ordinary wristbands. Whatever other people say, there’s no definite way to know if these products are real or not. All you can do is just try it out and figure it out for yourself.