Hem Tape for Jeans

Pants are one of the most widely used apparels in the fashion world. Everyone is entitled to having a pair of pants and almost everyone uses them every now and then. The most ideal pants to wear are jeans, also known as denim pants, which are made of denim fabric and have that classic appeal. Blue jeans are especially popular classic fashion statements and any kind of top matches any pair of blue jeans perfectly.

Today, jeans can come in a wide variety of colors, but the denim fabric remains the same. Faded jeans and acid wash jeans are especially popular these days because they add a unique effect to the pants that you’re wearing. Many denim jean wearers are perfectly happy with their pants, especially those whose pants are the right length for their tall stature. But because pants are made longer to accommodate more height requirements, short people have the common problem of sagging hems with their jeans.

For some, the best solution for sagging hems is having the hem of the pants tailored to the desire length. But this can be a problem especially for women. If you cut the jeans short to the ankle, you can only wear flats with the pants. This means you can’t wear the pants for high heels anymore, or else it would look like a complete fashion disaster. So how will you make your pants flexible to fit both heels and flats?

The answer is simple: use Hem Tape for Jeans. There may be a lot of solutions for sagging hems but there is nothing as versatile, easy to use, and very neat as the Hem Tape for Jeans. Hem Tape is actually a product which is designed for the use of denim jeans, and the tape is made of a special adhesive that doesn’t destroy the fabric of the jeans in any way. Pins are available to use but they can be tough to install especially if you have no assistant and you have to hold the hem steady while pinning at the same time. Pins also cause the thread of the fabric to come out of place and this can start a very big damage on your pants hem.

Hemming tape is very easy to use. The tape is like double sided adhesive tape with a paper peeling at both sides. To completely ensure that you are applying the tape properly, you need to first wear the pants with your shoes. If you’re wearing heels, long pants are alright to use since they match well and the hem doesn’t really reach the ground. But if you’re wearing flats, you need to fold the hem of the pants up to the desired length. The pants should not be too high to completely expose the foot, but it shouldn’t be too low to actually cover the shoes. The key is keeping the length of the hem just on top of the feet to expose the shoes but hide the ankles.

After measuring perfectly and folding them in place, the next step is to use a marker to keep the measurement even as you take off the pants. Once you’ve taken the pants off, you can now use the Hem Tape to seal the edges of the hem up to the desired length. Hem Tape is double sided so you have to put the tape inside the hem of the pants and stick it to the inside of the pants to keep the fold neatly tucked inside the bottom of the pants.

Using Hem Tape for Jeans is a very efficient method of keeping your pants length as desirable as possible, and it’s also very easy to use so you don’t have to fuss with pins and other hassling materials anymore.